Ben Price - Studio Manager

The business and client base has grown around Genine and the team over time and as things have evolved so too has the job of managing the business.

Initially I was helping with the running of the studio in the background, assisting Genine where necessary. Since moving to bigger premises in November 2013 I’ve become more involved in the day to day operations, being based at the studio myself most Mondays and Fridays alongside my other job as an audio visual project engineer.

Our intention for the new premises was to create a space that encourages calm and relaxation, although some of our classes are deigned to be the very opposite; I love being at the studio with its chilled out atmosphere, clients I consider friends and staff that feel like family.

I’ve been lucky enough to experience different types and styles of business management during my career. The experiences I’ve had in the past have helped in so many ways within my role at the studio and have given me a real drive to do things right, look after people, play a role in the local community and build something that will stand the test of time.

I specialise in technology in particular digital media and the audio visual sector. I have a season ticket at my preferred club Charlton Athletic (so you could argue I'm a football fan) and have a real passion for the local community and businesses in Bexley. I consider myself very fortunate to be involved in Pilates Body Studio and the opportunities it provides to help others.

I'm looking forward to continuing to support our award winning team as we grow together - always learning and always being the best we can be for our clients.