Genine Patrick

Genine Patrick is the owner of Pilates Body Studio.

"I qualified with Body Control Pilates in April 2004, at the time I was a full time legal secretary and my intention was to teach Pilates as a hobby every Saturday. As a legal secretary based in an office at a desk I had terrible posture and lots of back pain. I was travelling in Australia when I was introduced to Pilates which helped me gain a better posture and reduced my back pain dramatically. I was so passionate about the effect this had on my life I now teach matwork and equipment Pilates full time. Since taking up Pilates I have been able to run the London marathon and cycle the London to Brighton bike ride, without pilates my back would not have allowed me to do this.

In 2009 I became a 'Supervising Teacher' for Body Control Pilates; an international body set up to safeguard the standards and quality of Pilates teaching. I mentor students and help them become qualified in matwork and equipment tuition. I am also part of Body Control Pilates Education Team responsible for the training of teachers and students in the Pilates Method on the various courses they provide.

I am also a level 4 'Back for Good' instructor meaning I specialise in helping people with back pain. I will help you manage your pain by learning exercises that are suitable for your back when you are suffering. Not all pain is harmful, understanding your pain will help you recover quicker, rather than resting which will only prolong the healing process.

I am very passionate about Pilates and helping others, it has changed my life and I know it can help you"