Lottie Murphey

I have practiced Pilates since the age of 16 and I fell in love with it whilst practicing daily at dance college (Central School of Ballet) where I trained for 3 years. I believe it was my dedication to Pilates which allowed me to remain uninjured, fit and healthy for my whole 3 years training (quite unheard of in classical ballet).

I went on to do freelance dancing and modelling jobs for various brands/shows. But I kept being drawn back to my Pilates classes and decided to train as an instructor in 2012 with the respected Body Control Pilates in London.

I now aim to help people on their journey to discover the never ending benefits of Pilates. I also continue to develop myself through attending regular classes and aim to complete many other courses in Pilates as well as nutrition. I have never once been bored whilst practicing Pilates as it keeps you engaged, focused and challenged. I am constantly amazed at how as well as toning, improving strength, flexibility, coordination and posture, Pilates makes you feel less stressed, have improved mental focus and an uplifting sense of well being!