Pregnancy Pilates

Pre and post Pregnancy Pilates classes are available for expecting and new mums. Pilates is a very gentle way to exercise during pregnancy, targeting the tummy, back and pelvic floor muscles without straining other joints. Tummy and pelvic floor muscles are put under increasing strain as your baby grows so it is important to strengthen these as well as learn how to release them for when you are ready for labour.

The exercises provide a non-sweat, relaxing workout that you can do from 13 weeks. If you have practiced Pilates for many years you will be safe to continue at a low level. However, it is important to consider each individual’s needs, and some exercises may need modifying to suit the stage of pregnancy.

New mums needn’t worry about exerting themselves too much. Post Pregnancy Pilates classes focus on low-intensity workouts that benefit the body in a less extreme way than methods offered via a conventional workout.

You should allow at least 6 weeks after childbirth before resuming or starting Pilates. Pilates Body Studio also offers a Pilates for mums and babies class which is suitable 6 weeks after birth.

Pregnancy and Mum and Baby Pilates Policy

  • You can start with a taster class to begin with priced £6.
  • Our Pregnancy Pilates classes are then booked in blocks and are priced £48.00 for a 4 week course.
  • Our 45min Mum and Baby (Teddylates) Pilates classes are also then booked in blocks and are priced £32.00 for a 4 week course.
  • If you do not give 24hrs notice of absence you will be charged.

Please call 01322 555042 or email for more information.

Contact a member of our team now on 07940 243 231
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