Rebecca Hayat

Yoga, Pilates teacher, pregnancy yoga teacher and holistic therapist

Currently teaching Hatha yoga, yogavinyasa (dynamic yoga), restorative yoga and Pilates and pregnancy yoga. Teaching weekly classes for all abilities, holding yoga days and annual Yoga retreats.

I have been dedicated to body conscious practice for over 17 years. Multi-disciplined, I have devoted much of my time studying different aspects of yoga, always being open to many styles and systems. This exploration has allowed me to engage with my body and most importantly, get to know myself. My teaching style is eclectic and technique is breath orientated, focusing on relaxing the body through good breathing, precise mental attitude and a mixture of static and fluid movements.

Trained with The British Wheel of Yoga, Progressive Modern Pilates, Future Fit Pilates, Tri Yoga and various holistic therapy schools in the UK and Australia, I offer a unique mix of pleasures for the whole being.

Encompassing a warm, comforting and approachable nature, I take sincere pleasure in sharing the enjoyment that yoga, Pilates and massage brings to all those who join me, with sensitive hands-on adjustments, a focus on correct breathing and most importantly, a lot of smiling.

Students and clients continually marvel at how much better, more graceful and aware they feel in facing life's challenges - "By learning how to discover, love and better manage the body and mind, we can then centre our attention onto the spiritual level, connecting and becoming empathetic to ourselves, others and our surroundings'.